Anonymous: hey you :) we kinda talked when I was new to tumblr a few years ago . when I came on, I saw you´re having a hard time and I know you´re a great person and you´re still young?!??? You have all the time in the world to find someone you truly love and who loves you back and I really believe you´re gonna find that person. You shouldn´t be just looking for that though, live your dreams, move to the places you want to and let it all just happen :) you don´t deserve anything but the best! Smile :)

Oh really? Who are you? Haven’t we talked ever since? 

Thank you for the support & comforting words my dear, whoever you might be! 

I strongly agree with that, I’m not going to wait until I “find” someone I will live my life to the fullest & chase all my dreams because being single gives me the freedom to do so. 

I’ve accepted the possibility that I will stay single forever, even though the people around me can’t but I’m still open to the possibility that I might meet my prince too. I just don’t believe in it. 

Thank you so much dear, all the best too & please stop by once in a while for a talk! <3

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Anonymous: Love is not based on the look. If u want to find a nice guy. Just be nice to everyone you meet. Even to kids. He'll come eventually because of all the nice and good deeds you've done so far

I agree! I believe love happens without rational reasons, others could find your boyfriend ugly while you think he’s the most beautiful person in the world. 

I don’t think nice will get me anywhere though…for most guys “nice” is an invitation to play with women. Don’t you think? 

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