saras-scrapbook: You are lovely and brilliant and talented and wonderful and you will get through this. xx

Sara, you make me speechless, I’m publishing this & Keeping it on my blog forever. xoxo 

You never fail to lift me up when I’m down <3

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stunningly-unique: Hi, I read your post! Have you ever wondered what you really want in life?? Despite everything?? No matter how though it gets it's okay as long as you do what you want and working towards what you want! If you want to score 680 on that test then do it and fuck the others because this is you and your life if that goal is just impossible now it will be possible in a month! Never give up !! Work hard and look for another job!!

I know exactly what I want, I’ve basically planned out my entire life & it’s ALL based on my career, no room for anything else.

And THAT is the problem. Our generation is a no-failure generation, no “trial and error” phase, only top performances & the highest scores in any test or else you are considered a “failure” and “worthless in a society”. 

I’m working 50hrs a week & it’s sucking the life out of me & I’ve been secretly studying for my TOEFL which I scored 113/120 but the GMAT is a million times harder. It’s too much for me. My parents pressure me like hell, my boss is challenging me everyday, I’m under pressure 24/7 & knowing I MUST study & score >680 (which is the passing limit for business schools around the world) or else my future will turn into a shithole is something I cannot deal with it. 

It took me EVERYTHING to just publish that post earlier today simply because it’s the FIRST time I’m admitting my failure. 

Don’t know what to do but that’s what it is & working hard is not enough. 

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Spanish Teacher: ¿Cómo estás?

Me: Estoy bitchin’

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Fall is coming.


I’m so done with everything in my life like done FOR REAL. 

Never have I so desperately wanted to get out of my life, walk away & never return. 

I’m stuck in a job which I don’t love, where all I get is bullshit from everyone, zero appreciation, the promises my boss made last year were made to keep me at it, my salary compared to what I DO is worth no fucking 50 cents, my love life is a fucking mess to an extent you cannot imagine (is it even still alive), my Mum ruined by birthday & still has the audacity to be “butthurt” over me being rude to her (which I wasn’t) so she didn’t talk to me for a week, my Dad is AS ALWAYS defending her which is why I decided NOT to go on vacation with them, I’m terrified of the GMAT & don’t think I can handle the pressure because I MUST score >680 when probably I won’t even score 600.

The thought of having my ENTIRE FUTURE & HAPPINESS depend on a three - digit number is too much for me, whenever I try to study, I can’t focus because I don’t BELIEVE in myself, like I’m worthless, stupid & can’t compete with anyone anyway.

It’s a downward spiral straight into hell, I’m falling 500 miles per hour & I can’t get myself out of it.  

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